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ariel malik

The Earth Will Not Recover Quickly From the Damage of Mankind | Ariel Malik

The people of the modern world are more accustomed than ever to the consumption of energy: on the roads, in the many appliances and in flights that have become more and more frequent even ordinary people. The covid-19 crisis and it’s quarantine policy and flight prevention have led to a significant reduction in global energy consumption.

Many people were quick to declare that “nature is beginning to return to itself,” and in fact saw the Covid-19  situation as a kind of spiritual revenge of nature on man. Unfortunately, as the data from the United Nations Meteorological Organization shows, the world is far from recovering. We asked businessman and entrepreneur Ariel Malik what he thinks about the issue: “The climate crisis is not going anywhere for at least another twenty years. Even if all the countries of the world unite and invest a lot of efforts in the environment, we will see climate improvement in just another 15-20 years. Investing in technologies that clean greenhouse gases and hydrogen is the most important and right thing to do. ”