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ariel malik

Ariel Malik: In about 10-15 Years, Hydrogen Vehicles Will be Very Common

According to the Calcalist website, Toyota came out in a solemn announcement that by 2035, most of the company’s car offerings will be made up of electric vehicles and electric vehicles. It was also written that Toyota does not intend (for now) to stop the production of cars that run on polluting fuels, because in third world countries there is not yet enough infrastructure to switch to electric cars and cars that run on hydrogen.

“In about 10-15 years, cars that run on hydrogen will enter the market very strongly,” says businessman Ariel Malik, who is investing in the technological development of green solutions.

And what about the electric vehicles?

“There is still power as to whether or not electric vehicles will be dominant in the near future. The reason is that the battery production of electric vehicles is a polluting process in itself, due to the rare and expensive materials from which the battery is made. ”