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Ariel Malik: Renault is also joining the hydrogen revolution

Ariel Malik: Renault will join the hydrogen revolution

More and more companies are joining the hydrogen revolution. Toyota recently announced that it will start producing hydrogen-powered cars, and has even increased its commitment to turn most of the cars it produces by 2030 into hydrogen-powered ones. Recently, the French car giant Renault also hinted that it would start producing private passenger cars that run on hydrogen.

Renault has released a new teaser featuring its new SUV. Renault has also promised to move to production of most of the entire European model for clean energy by 2030. Ariel Malik, an energy entrepreneur, thinks Renault’s initiative is great but not really surprising: “It’s only a matter of time before all car companies join Renault and Toyota.”

Watch a specification video of the new Renault model: