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Ariel Malik Scott Morrison

Why Invest in Hydrogen? | Ariel Malik

In a controversial decision, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated that his government will invest about $ 500 million in what he calls a “clean” capture of hydrogen and carbon for energy – Renew Economy reports. His decision has been criticized by Environmental organizations in Australia, as it focuses on Hydrogen that is made of  fossil fuels such as gas and carbon.

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Although the author has a negative opinion about Morrison’s move, there are those who actually see investing in hydrogen as an important and beneficial investment. “In recent weeks, we have witnessed that fossil fuels will not disappear from the world so quickly,” says Ariel Malik, an entrepreneur and businessman who specializes in green energy. “Hydrogen and ammonia-style fuels are the real substitutes- not solar or wind-generated energy. Investments in hydrogen and gas adsorption are the right investments, as oil and gas will continue to be the most of all energy in the coming years”.