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Ariel Malik: SkyWater Will Use Weebit Nano Technology

As reported by Bloomberg, the American company Skywater will use the latest technology from Weebit Nano, which develops advanced memory storage solutions. Skywater has also been licensed to use Weebit Nano technology with its customers.

Ariel Malik: “Companies like CTW that I own are a bridge between the academia world and  the industry. For example, CTW trades Weebit Nano in ASX (the Australian Stock Exchange). The comapny  was founded around the technology of one of the world’s leading professors in technology and carbon – James Tour of Rice University in Houston, Texas – A leading university in the USA. The company’s main technology revolves around creating better, more powerful and faster memory devices that will make our lives much better and more comfortable. In fact, eight companies were founded around its development, and we can only imagine how much of its impact in the world. For the past two years I myself have not been involved in the company, but its management is doing a great job bringing it to be a leader in the multi-billion dollar industry. “