Renewable Energy

אנרגיה מתחדשת

אריאל מליק

Ariel Malik: “Ammonia is the fuel of the future”

An article published in “Calcalist” talks about the Israeli Comapny GenCell – an energy company that focus on the use of technology to extract hydrogen from ammonia decomposition. If it will succeed its fuel cells will be able to supply electricity continuously, for a long time, without electricity connection.

We asked Ariel Malik what he thinks about the fact that hydrogen based energy is receiving such a large focus on the capital market as well as the attention of the media. He told us that: “Ammonia is the fuel of the future, without a doubt. Starting in 2030 or 2035 we will be able to see lots of vehicles traveling on hydrogen. Hydrogen vehicles are much more efficient, inexpensive and long lasting than regular cars. This is the future. “